PitStop Extruder

PitStop STEP files

Community Mods

Use at your own risk.

Alternate part cooling (which I’ve used, seems better in terms of sagging, airflow is not the best for quick prints)

Z axis ends tweak to fix calibration issues

Back plate for linear rails

Mosquito Remix

Want to further customize the PitStop Extruder?

  1. Use the STEP files in your favorite CAD software.
  2. Tweak, add features, or adapt for other printers.
  3. Share with the community. Add a comment below so other pitstoppers can find your mods.
  4. Be awesome!
  5. Files are free, but you can buy me a pumpkin coffee for Halloween if you want to support my work.
Download PitStop v1.2 STEP & F3D files(old) Download PitStop V1.1 STEP files

Files licensed under CC BY-NC-SA.

It appears that bodies lose their names when exporting to .step which is annoying. I couldn’t figure out a way to preserve them so far.