PitStop Extruder

The PitStop Extruder for Prusa printers

Main features

No more clogs. Reduces clogs and jams with a better 3-way cooling system and powerful fan.

Easy service. The revolutionary magnetic system enables opening the extruder for servicing in one second.

Direct replacement for stock extruder, no firmware changes or other hacks.

Reuses most parts from the stock extruder to keep costs down.

Compatible with MMU2S. You can easily switch to MMU2S (and back).

Design is free for personal use.

You get help from me or the community if you encounter issues.

You can revert back to stock extruder if you’re not happy.

No key to open, no clogs, no cost*

Want to make a PitStop Extruder?

Make it!

* Doesn’t clog with most filaments. Design (STL files) will be free of charge for personal use. Additional parts required.

The PitStop Extruder for Prusa MK3S printers.

Thanks to Petclaud for sharing the windmill wheel.