Universal PTFE Tube Jig

Make chamfered PTFE tubes for any direct drive extruder!

(25mm to 55mm long)

Disclaimer: For educational purposes only. Follow at your own risk. Actions presented here use sharp blades which are dangerous. Handle with care!

Download the STL files from Thangs

Common tube lengths:

  • MK3S+/MMU2S: 42.3mm
  • MINI/+: 43.4mm
  • MK2.5S, MK3S, MMU2S: 44.3mm
  • MK2/S, MK2.5, MK3, MMU2: 50mm

PitStop2 tube lengths:

  • V6: 51.5mm
  • Volcano/Rapido HF: 43mm
  • Rapido UHF: 35mm

Check either the video or the photo instructions below.