Spring Loaded Pogo Connectors

Connector overview video:

See my PitStop 2 extruder videos for reference:

I use these spring loaded or pogo connectors in my hot swappable 3D printer hotend.

Which model do I need?

Mill-Max (manufacturer) has many variations. My particular models are: 858-22-004-10-001101 and 858-10-004-10-002000 (not necessarily the best options). The equivalents for wire soldering are: 868-22-004-00-001101 and 868-10-004-00-002000. There’s also a version with threaded inserts 858-10-004-10-012000. Update: I got the surface mount version later and they seem to be a bit easier to solder.

Or use their Product Finder: choose a pogo pin header strip (click to reload search criteria to see my selection) and then match it with a target connector.

The 4mm pitch ones with wire termination should be easier to solder and work at higher currents. They’re usually rated at up to 1M mating cycles. Check the datasheet for ratings. They all require good soldering skills and can easily be damaged, so order some extras.

Where to order?

2 large stores (I can’t link to products directly):

  • Farnell.com is what I used, all stocks are in the US and relayed through their network, but you have to pay extra for shipping outside the US last time I checked. Select your country and then search for part number, or search “mill max 4pos 4mm” and see what’s available (or what can be back ordered). I can’t link to products directly;
  • Mouser.com looks similar, no extra shipping fee apparently, but harder to search. Select your country and search for exact part number or try something like “mill-max std spring-loaded connector” and hopefully find the ones you’re looking for. Or search “858-10-004” and “858-22-004” for a broader range of connectors that could match. Update: I placed orders on Mouser and got free shipping with delivery in a couple days overseas.

Magnetic casing

I used to run these casings on my PitStop 1 extruder.

Download casing STL from Thangs