PitStop3 Multi-material 3D Printer

I'm working on a newer iteration of this design, and this is the old version.

3D printing reliably with 10+ materials

Project Vision

  • At least 10 materials with individual hotends (virtually no upper limit)
  • Multi-material printing without waste
  • Perfect user experience
  • No breakdowns
  • Impeccable print quality
  • Aimed at small businesses and hardcore enthusiasts
  • No setup option: get it pre-assembled, pre-configured, pre-tuned

More Features

  • 250x230x300mm standard build volume (extensible to 300x300x300mm for overhangs)
  • Automated nozzle alignment for all tools
  • Support different hotend models concurrently
  • Smart tool configuration with NFC
  • Adjustable bed mounting points for a flat first layer
  • Probe tool for mesh leveling
  • Slicer integration
  • Custom optimized tool changer firmware
  • Tool preheating for faster prints
  • No advanced 3D printer knowledge required
  • Linear rails for XYZ printer axes
  • Optional filament dry box

Design video


I'm working on a newer iteration of this design, and this is the old version.

About me

I’m Mihai and I’ve been developing software commercially since 2003. After spending most of my career as a senior software engineer programming servers and web interfaces, I decided to leave the corporate world and focus my efforts on bringing useful tools into the world and helping the people around me. My 3D printing projects include the magnetic PitStop extruder for Prusa MK3S printers, a revolutionary extruder that can be opened in one second.

I’m currently the sole developer for this project, although other people have contributed along the way.

I work on this project full time (dusk till dawn) and I source parts from my pocket. As much as I love open source, this remains a commercial project. Otherwise, I would not know how to set the project for long-term success. For now, I rely on the benevolence of a few awesome people who believe in me and are supporting my work via Patreon. I intend to offer my project both as a commercial product in its fullest form, as well as a DIY version for those with limited financial resources. More details on my Patreon page.