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PitStop Assembly Guide

PitStop 1.2 changes

The MMU2S lever now uses a nyloc nut and a longer, 25mm screw instead of the 20mm screw.

If upgrading from an earlier version, you may keep the old carriage and cable holder to save time. There are small changes on all the parts, but the carriage should still fit (one screw might be a tiny tiny bit shifted)

Additional idler door available. The new one is marked with “X-3°” and is an experimental idler door which is designed to reduce the woodgrain pattern. I recommend installing this new experimental idler door. Revert to the classic one if this creates any unexpected problems.

If using MMU2S with the new X-3°, it’s been reported that the levers don’t work anymore. Add some tape on the lever where it touches the idler door. I’ll be correcting the model in the future to hopefully compensate for this.

Tighten the grub screw more (1-2mm under the print surface) if not using spacers at the ends of the spring (I lost my spacers).

New fan grill spacer. Mount it in between the grill and the fan to reduce fan noise.

New SuperVolcano adapter. If using a SuperVolcano hotend, print the 3 files whose names start with “supervolcano” + this alternative part cooling (requires disassembling the blower fan; be super careful with the short wires or have a spare blower). You will lose about 40mm on the Z axis (so Z calibration won’t work with stock firmware).

Assembly notes

Some find it easier to assemble the entire hotend before mounting it on the rods.

I do not recommend using Igus Drylin bearings anymore, but instead I recommend high quality bearings such as Misumi.

Written instructions not available.

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